The Toolkit Module Area

Welcome to the Toolkit Module area. Here is the list of modules available and planned. At present eight modules are fully functional.

  • Adhesive selection - Want to find an adhesive for a particular application but don't know where to start? Try this module.
  • Adhesive suppliers - Looking for who supplies what to where? Try this module.
  • Case Histories - A searchable selection of case histories but we are always looking for more.
  • Stress analysis - A powerful tool to enable stress analyses to be carried out on a variety of co-axial joints. Change joint geometries, features, adherends, cure conditions (hot or cold) and see what effect it has on the stress profile.
  • Design guidance - It is easy to produce a poor adhesive joint and blame the adhesive. This module is designed to assist with the process and enable the user to avoid 'obvious' mistakes.
  • Standards (NEW) - The process of acquisition of test data, requires that the associated test methods are consistent and reproducible if the data is to be of real use. This module covers most, if not all, of the available standards (e.g. BSI, ISO, ASTM etc) that are relevant to adhesives and adhesive bonding. The information provided lists the standard reference number, the title and a short summary of each standard. The standards themselves are not present on the site, as they need to be obtained directly from the relevant bodies.
  • Design, Preparation and Testing (NEW) - This module provides detailed information relating to the design, preparation and testing of adhesives and adhesively bonded structures.
  • Forensic assessment (NEW) - Success in adhesive bonding of components requires careful control of the bonding process, surface condition and an understanding of the operating environment. Forensic analysis forms an important part both in the optimisation of bonding processes, understanding the factors that affect bond quality, and in the evaluation of bond failures.
  • Manufacturing guidance (Planned for future phases)
  • Quality assurance and control (Planned for future phases)
  • Techno-economic factors (Planned for future phases)
  • Training(Planned for future phases)

Please feel free to make comment on these modules through our forum section or via email to adhesivestoolkit@twi.co.uk