The Adhesives Design Toolkit

Welcome to the home page for The Adhesives Design Toolkit.

Are you confused by the large number of adhesives and issues involved in the design of adhesive joints?

Or perhaps you know what you want but don't know where to find it.

Whether you are a first time user or looking to improve your production process the Adhesives Design Toolkit can help you.

The Adhesives Design Toolkit is a unique web-based resource that provides a framework for the collation and organisation of relevant material related to adhesives and adhesive bonding. It provides a systematic approach to enable users to weigh up key factors involved in the design of an adhesive joint. The intention is that this site will become a focal point or hub for adhesives users enabling informed decisions to be made about designing with adhesives and simplified location of adhesive suppliers and related equipment.

  • Toolkits - there are now EIGHT interactive modules to assist the user to design with adhesives including stress analysis, supplier finder, adhesive selection etc. The three most recent ones have been added this year (2006).
  • Forum area - to allow discussions to develop between users, suppliers and experts in the field
  • Documents/Data - area packed full of relevant reports, presentations, and adhesives data
  • Links - find suppliers, relevant support organisations and experts in the field of adhesives
  • About - an overview of the project and the partners behind it.

The Toolkit has been developed through DTI funding as part of the Measurements for Materials Systems Programme (MMS7) entitled 'Towards an Adhesive Design Toolkit'. TWI leads the project in partnership with AEA Technology, MERL and NPL. The two year project started in April 2002 and a second phase of work to develop three new modules (Standards, Testing and Forensic Analysis) is now complete.

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For any further information about the Adhesives Design Toolkit Project please contact:

Adhesives Toolkit Co-ordinator
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Telephone: 01223 891162