Design, Preparation and Testing

This module serves to provide the user with a number of detailed reports and other information covering key aspects relating to design, preparation and testing of adhesively bonded structures. As the title of this suggests, the material can be loosely grouped into three areas although it is accepted that there is some inevitable overlap between some of the individual sections:

DESIGN - this area covers the fairly large themes of fracture mechanics, durability and environmental aspects. These subjects are discussed from a theoretical perspective although the actual practical issues of testing are considered in some depth.

Fracture Mechanics Design Approach
Durability Design and Testing
Environmental Effects

PREPARATION - the need to prepare specimens for testing is extremely important, especially with respect to environmental conditioning and related processes.

Environmental Conditioning and Testing

TESTING - meaningful design data must be derived from practical testing of adhesives and adhesively bonded specimens. This the largest area considers all aspects of testing in relation to bonded specimens, surfaces and uncured/cured adhesives.

Mechanical Testing - Alignment, Retention and Measurement
Mechanical Test Methods
Cyclic Fatigue
Creep Testing
Surface Analysis and NDT Techniques
Thermal Analysis and Cure Monitoring
Adhesive Pre-cure Characterisation